TMSH and accessing you Peek internal memory.

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TMSH and accessing you Peek internal memory.

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Your Peek must remain active during the processing of each command so you may need to move the scroll wheel or press a button intermittently during the process to keep it on. You must also have the Peek cable and Peek upgrade software installed on your computer before you start.

Power on Peek and connect Peek to PC using the Peek Upgrade cable. Determine wich port the Peek is connected to. Either Check Device Manager - Start > Run > devmgmt.msc OR right click My Computer > Properties > Hardware Tab and Look at LPT&COMM, expand + sign and you should see what COMM port your cable is on

Open a command prompt. If you plan on copying files to the computer you must right click "Command prompt" and run it as an administrator even if you are already logged on as an administrator. It should be located under "Accessories" in the start menu.

Type in: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Peek.1.10.00\tmsh (or whatever your Peek directory is called)
Type tmsh -psX -ttlocosto (Where X = your COMM port # from earlier)

Command Description
helpPrint help for the command name on stdout Arguments <name>
runRun the script file named filename. Arguments <filename>
useLoad the ETM module represented by the DLL “name.dll” Arguments <name>
pingping target Arguments [options]
quitQuit the shell
auwWrite audio parameters
aurRead audio parameters
aulLoad audio parameters from FFS file
aulSave audio parameters to FFS file
mkfsFormat flash
fwrFile write from PC to target
frdFile read from target to PC
cdChange current working directory
mkdirMake a new directory
rmDelete a file or directory
mvMove or rename a file
pwdPrint working directory
lsList files in directory
catView of text files
lnMake a link between files
chmodChange files/directories permissions
touchCreate an empty file
dfShow the amount of free space
fsqQuery ffs parameters and values
rfeEnable RF – transmit and receive
seEnable special customer task
scwSetup the statistics configuration
scrRead the statistics configuration
srGet statistics results
rfpwWrite RF parameters for receive mode
rfprRead RF parameters for receive mode
rxpwWrite RX parameter for receive mode
rxprRead RX parameters for receive mode
txpwSet parameters for transmit mode
txprRead parameters for transmit mode
spwWrite customer special parameter
sprRead customer special parameter
rftwWrite a RF table
rftrRead a RF table
ttwWrite a ramp template to transmitter
ttrRead a ramp template from transmitter
stwWrite a customer special table
strRead a customer special table
mrRead value from memory address
mwWrite value to memory address
crRead value from codec register
cwWrite value to codec register
meEnable miscellaneous parameter
mprRead miscellaneous parameter
mpwWrite miscellaneous parameter
vgGet hardware or software version

Email is kept in a database. Location Peek/peek.db Attachments are kept in location Peek/Attach The attachment will be named with a string of numbers_filename.extension_more numbers example 9585785_yourpic.jpg_552694 Pictures will be re-sized by Peek servers before they are delivered to your Peek. As an example a picture I sent to my Peek started at 998x1274 the picture downloaded from my Peek was only 152x195.